What people have to say about Journey to the Future

The most inspirational book I have read in my 86 years, and I’ve read a few!
– Denise Pyle
Quaker and life-long change activist, UK
Guy Dauncey is an eco­hero whose enthusiasm for climate change solutions is infectious. Through remarkable creativity, Guy provides the reader with a glimpse into a plausible future that is vibrant, positive and joyful, while offering workable solutions to the major crises of our time. We owe Guy a debt of gratitude for his compelling narrative that fills us with hope and inspiration for a better future
– Andrew Weaver
MLA, Climate Scientist and Author
While technically a work of speculative fiction, Guy Dauncey’s Journey to the Future is firmly rooted in present realities. His prodigious research and astute analysis stimulates our thinking about global problems and possible solutions. But this is much more than a book of ideas. Readers following Patrick Wu’s journey of discovery will experience a rollercoaster of emotions—from outrage, pessimism and doubt to hope and motivation. Whether or not we agree with everything Dauncey proposes, he leads us confidently towards a hopeful future, but with a keener appreciation of our chances for survival. If only our political leaders would read this immensely important book.
– Marshall Soules
Author of Media, Persuasion and Propaganda
Guy Dauncey is well known as a futurist and environmental activist but he is also a darn good educator for the possibilities for sustainability on this planet. He has encyclopedic knowledge and the educator’s ability to make it accessible. And, despite being frank about the dire environmental issues we face, he frames them within the possibility of hope with real and imagined examples and suggestions for making a difference. As a former director of the Carnegie Community Centre at Main and Hastings in Vancouver it is fascinating to read about what this humanly rich and hugely challenged community might look like if the sustainability practices in Dauncey’s future world were implemented. It illustrates what can be done wherever we live, and what is on the horizon for a sustainable world.
– Michael Clague
Community Educator and Social Planner
This is a practical and fantastic guide to lead us forward to a peaceful future. Truly greenspirational. Jam packed with brilliant ideas that are do­able and attractive. Let’s get to building this vision!
– Angela Bischoff
100% Renewable Energy Organizer, Toronto
Journey to the Future is a wonderful way to get motivated by the real possibilities confronting us today. Put away your doubts as you follow the entertaining characters who take you into their better future and come away with loads of ideas for making it happen where you are! Helps us start living the future we dream of right now!
– Elisabet Sahtouris
Evolution Biologist & Futurist
This unique book will surely inspire hope and action for a better world.
– Michael Marien
Futurist, Global Foresight Books
A marvelous read, a modern­day Ecotopia.
– Thom Hartmann
Author and Radio Host
In the tradition of Edward Bellamy's Looking Backward, or Butler's Erewhon, here's a full blown and provocative account of a world we might choose.
– Bill McKibben
Guy Dauncey's brilliant book shows there are solutions to the climate crisis that offer a future rich in opportunity and joy. All we need is to make a commitment to act.
– David Suzuki
Scientist, Environmentalist and Broadcaster
We need bold, visionary thinking to build a sustainable society for the common good. But we also urgently need to explore practicable steps to achieve that goal. Guy Dauncey's new book makes an important contribution to both tasks.
– Caroline Lucas
MP, Green Party Leader, England & Wales
To create a better world we must first be able to imagine what such a world would be like. In Journey to the Future, Guy Dauncey embraces that task and presents an ambitious, detailed vision for a greener, fairer and very inviting world.
– Andrew MacLeod
Author of A Better Place On Earth: The Search for Fairness in Super Unequal British Columbia
Guy Dauncey has done it again: married hope and practical reality. Most of us see obstacles? Guy sees possibilities. This is a must­read for despairing sustainability champions. Guy paints an inspiring vision of a sustainable future and shows us how we got there. Brilliant!!
– Bob Willard
Author and Speaker, Sustainability Advantage
Journey to the Future is a creative book that will leave you full of ideas and hope. Guy Dauncey has produced a progressive tour­de­force unlike any book that I have ever read. Part creative fiction, part manifesto for the world we want and need, this book is an inspiration.
– Tzeporah Berman
Environmental activist, author of This Crazy Time
Guy Dauncey has done it again. Journey to the Future: A Better World is Possible takes us to a thriving Vancouver in the year 2032. Using dialogue among characters proves a remarkably accessible way to demonstrate how a new, cooperative economy can emerge. The author's unfailingly positive vision of democratic reform and sustainability is infectious. Richly footnoted and complete with many sources for future research, the "practical utopian" has equipped us with the tools to achieve a better world. Richly detailed—an amazing tour de force.
– Murray Rankin
Member of Parliament for Victoria
In making our way from where we are to where we need to be, advice from the future would be helpful. A dystopian future world might warn us what to avoid. A more utopian society could give us hope. Somewhere between the two, from future conflicts, revolution and war to a sustainable society is where Guy Dauncey charts us in his novel Journey to the Future. It is at one and the same time a great yarn and a call to action.
– Elizabeth May
MP, Leader of Canada’s Green Party
You really have to read Journey to the Future twice. Once in paper for the great narrative and once electronically where you can click on every footnote for the amazing amount of research and information on which every detail of the narrative is based. By the time the second read is done you will have all the education that you need to go forth and make it happen.
– Martin Golder
Architect and Mediator
For those of us who have a hard time making sense of the present, much less the future, Guy Dauncey has delivered a most satisfying, visionary, and practical remedy. Woven into story form that engages from the start, his newest work reveals an entirely possible destiny of justice, shared intention, and sustainable everything. As a fusion of Dauncey's vast experience, knowledge, and prodigious energy, this story is a fascinating portrayal of how we can live if we simply do what we already know can be done. Best of all, it's thrilling to read!
– Mark Lakeman
Founder, The City Repair Project, Portland
Guy Dauncey has written an imaginative tour de force, blending science, philosophy, and fiction into a delightful story about how we can and must change the world, resulting in a bright green future.
– David R. Boyd
Co-­chair of Vancouver's greenest city initiative and author of The Optimistic Environmentalist